Irene’s Day Home is located in the Belmead area and has been working in the childcare field for almost 10 years. She has a great learning/play area where she loves singing with the child. She also loves playing outside with the kids and taking them on nature walks.

Breanne’s Day Home, “Learning Through Play” is located in Highpark. She has over ten years experience in different child care settings. She is active in her community! She is a Child Development Supervisor. She loves taking the children out on field trips around the city and will transport to and from schools/ play schools.

Brenda is located in the Hampton’s, She is a Level 3 certified in Child Care. Brenda has lots of room for the children to learn and play, with a great outdoor play space. She is also close to parks, as well as a beautiful lake. Check out Brenda’s Day Home page on facebook: