It’s a Child’s World Family Day Home believes a quality play to learn program and a safe and nurturing family environment is what best assists a child’s development. To achieve this we strive to have our accredited day homes focus on each child’s individual needs in a secure, caring and positive learning through play program.

We believe a day home is a place for children to safely play, explore and create while learning social, intellectual, creative and physical skills. We now have over 70 day homes in the Edmonton area.

For the child to succeed in this day home environment our agency knows that a supportive and professional team must work together. This team includes the agency staff, educators, parents and community. As an agency we continually work to connect this team through communication, educational in-services, and family and community events.


Staff and Educators

We believe our role as an accredited agency is to ensure we have high quality professionals who understand the importance of quality child care and the impact it has on the child and families. Our agency supports this by conducting continuous child care educational and best practice opportunities for educators and staff. The agency’s administration and child care consultants support and monitor the day homes regularly to ensure the children are happy, healthy and developing in their child care program. We are proud of our educators and respect and appreciate their valuable role in their day home children’s lives.

Parents and Families

It’s A Child’s World believes in a close and supportive partnership with parents and their families. We respect the values, differences, needs, and interests of individual families involved within our agency. We encourage parent involvement and welcome suggestions and input from our families by way of email, newsletters, phone interviews, surveys, and personal interactions at the agency and family events.


It’s a Childs’s World is committed to working collaboratively and cooperatively with community stakeholders, other child care organizations, and the provincial government to provide the best possible child care service to families. We seek involvement and communication from other community resources and partnerships which contributes to the success of agency and day homes.